1. I’ve been planning to submit a photo of my Mum on this blog for a while now, but I’ve never been able to find a photo which epitomizes my view of her (i.e. beautiful, strong, and a beacon of light). 

    I think this is it. 

    [Taken a couple of months ago at the boxing gym she’s been training at/volunteering at for the past 30 years]

    —submitted by bringoutthegimp 


  2. This is my mom in May 2011. I’m 19 and she’s 39, but we’re more often mistaken for sisters or lovers than mother and daughter.

    submitted by runforfitness


  3. This is a picture of my mother Audeliz carrying my oldest sister Lissette in a very unsafe baby holder.  My mother says that she went to smell some flowers shortly after this picture was taken and as she bent down, Lissette fell into the bushes! 

    The photo was taken in 1971 at the height of her fabulousness.

    —submitted by ornegri 


  4. my mother had an effortless style and grace about her. she was a lover of life and a bold adventurer. she instilled in me an appreciation for art and culture that has shaped and guided my life. and she loved to dance. i love and miss her greatly

    —Submitted by Perry Shimon


  5. My mother holding me when I was l about 18 months old.

    Her name was Donna.

    She died in 1999 at the age of 58.

    She was my best friend, and I miss her terribly.

    -submitted by Ty


  6. My mother is the one holding my sister, and I´m on my aunts lap with my brother.

    -submitted by ifellinlovewithmsparker


  7. This is my favorite picture of my Nana.  I stumbled upon it while looking through her photographs after she had passed away this year, and I was struck by how wonderfully candid this one was. As a woman that was known to never leave the house without her eyebrows on perfectly I could almost hear hear say how she would want to throw out the picture because her eyes are closed but I love everything about it.  I was lucky enough to be her friend and granddaughter and I miss her everyday.

    —submitted by Lauren Burge


  8. On the right of her sister and brother is my beautiful grandma lucy. being 1/12 kids she lost her parents at a young age and moved in with her other sister. My grandpa was married to someoneelse towards the end of their marriage and never paid child support. My Grandma, my dad, my uncle and aunt were forced to move from town to town, shitty apartment to roach infested apartment all throughout my dads childhood with nothing in their fridge but pasta and bologna. she worked a ton of jobs to support her family and raised three successful children, she worked diligently throughout her entire life until the day of her retirement when she ironically passed away. by the time i was born she was able to spoil me rotten, i was the her first grand daughter, and she was my best friend throughout my childhood. My dad remembers people whistling at her while they walked through queens and even in her 60s she still had the same effect on men. she never remarried, she never needed to remarry she was always strong and independent. She’s the most beautiful person i’ve ever met, inside and out.  I’ll always remember her in the kitchen with a cup of coffee and cigarettes, playing cards, cursing and laughing. i miss you gma.

    —submitted by innuend0s 


  9. This is my mom in Paris, while on her honeymoon with my dad, in 1975.   She was 25 at the time.  This picture doesn’t show her very happy (though it is a gorgeous picture), but nowadays, she is one of the happiest people I know.  I have been honored to watch her grow, just as she has been honored to watch me grow.  She is now 63.  She is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, and not just because she’s good-looking.  She has a beautiful heart and spirit - the kind that comforts people.  That’s remarkable, isn’t it?

    Submitted by Mariposa 


  10. My mother used to be a newspaper reporter and met various music bands, celebrities, etc.  I have no idea who the people on either side of her are however.

    Submitted by Simon LeMonkey